What We Do

Garrison Woods Inc. is committed to provide high quality building and remodeling services with a minimal effect on the environment and with the objective of enhancing the lifestyles of our clients.

As professional craftspeople, we set high standards for ourselves with a priority on honesty and integrity in dealing with our clients. Our staff members are dedicated employees and are committed to neatness and cleanliness.

Our key objective is to deliver quality services, on time and within budget. The hard work and the motivation of our team assure our success and all participate in the prosperity of the company.

Who We Are

Garrison Woods, Inc., is a family managed company, incorporated in the state of New York in 1985. Its basic operating philosophy is that since it is managed by a close knit family, which operates very effectively as a team, it can provide high quality services which can significantly enhance the lifestyles of its customers.

We've successfully completed thousands of projects, having our work published in reputed magazines such as House Beautiful. The company has established itself firmly in it’s marketplace and enjoys an excellent reputation of providing high quality building and remodeling services.

To everyone at Garrison Woods, Great job, great people to work with. Thanks for your hard work and persistence. Outward Bound looks and works so much better for all your efforts.
— Outward Bound